by Life Like

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released November 1, 2015

Recorded by Dan Ruder in St. Louis 2015



all rights reserved


Life Like St. Louis, Missouri

STL no bullshit hardcore.

Joe Sulier-Vocals
Josh Van Hoorebeke-Drums
James Ridling-Guitar
Jack Fister-Bass

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Track Name: Prisoner
Of all the rotten things
that you've ever done
all of those awful things
just for the fun
those brutal careless things
from which you run
just know of all the things
that this is the one

Private prisoners
they're yours
they're all yours
I'm a private prisoner
I'm yours
I'm all yours

Cuff me
chain me
beat and maim me
I'm yours
I'm all yours
Track Name: Destruction Vice
I'm not even asking for a place to call my own
I just wanna crawl into a hole to be alone
I've had enough of these interactions
that leave me at a loss
there's no other way than silence
to get my point across

You're vegan through privilege
so don't tell me it makes sense
if everyone could afford it
you'd find something different

Replacing booze and drugs with
gourmet coffee and records
you've found a different kind of vice
as consumers/collectors

Straight edge as a statement
its just standard vice replacement
if everyone agreed to it
you'd find something different

A new way to stand out by fitting in
instead destroy yourself to stay pure within
decay, degenerate, destruct
cause your ideas of "moral purity" are so fucked

So give the worms a little more to fatten up
put some booze and cream in that coffee cup
Track Name: Workin For the Weakened
Ibuprofen as a diet
I gotta say I wouldn't try it
the middle-age is creeping up too quickly
this child's act I wouldn't buy it

Everything they said would help you
dated advice you'll never use
and now its gone, gone, gone
those fleeting feelings of your youth

Get a degree so you can wait on tables
depend on tips to pay the rent
take out a loan only to pay it all back
then wonder where the money went

Die in debt
live in fear
make a bet
the end is near
body's gone
mind is next
just pay it off
with bad checks
Track Name: Agoraprobe
Anyone with a brain can see
that anyone is better than me
there's no need to atone for what's been done
its been fun
I'm no one

I'm sick of leaving the house anymore
for fear of what is beyond my door
I'm cool with sticking around indoors
staring a ceilings and wooden floors
gimme a reason to leave
gimme a morsel of anything
show me its worth it to breathe
prove it to me you believe you're free

Count me out
Track Name: When Pigs Fly
Criminals and human aren't the same
cause you've read the Post so long that you've bought their claims
that there's "black folks" and there's "others"
there's "thugs" and then there's "brothers"
but either way you'll never know their names
and you'll always find another one to blame

Protect yourselves at once
find your autonomy
trapped in their state of fear
and they don't want you free

Kill a cop to save a friend
or the cycle never ends
kill a cop the time is right
kill a cop to fight
Track Name: Misandry and Me
I know what I am
and what I am is a man
socially granted greatest privilege
I'm ashamed
I'm to blame
sex based on dominance and conquering everything

We're all the same
we're all to blame

I know what I am
and what I am is a man
rapists who salivate
we've tainted all that we bring
its a thing
I've come to terms with it
its evident every day

We're all the same
we're all to blame