by Life Like

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released October 14, 2014

Recorded by Jason Hutto in St. Louis 12/13

Artwork by Martin "Lumpy" Meyer

Joseph Sulier-Vocals
Josh Van Hoorbeke-Drums
James Ridling-Guitar
Brandon Arscott-Bass

Released by Deranged Records 10/14



all rights reserved


Life Like St. Louis, Missouri

STL no bullshit hardcore.

Joe Sulier-Vocals
Josh Van Hoorebeke-Drums
James Ridling-Guitar
Jack Fister-Bass

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Track Name: Savage
Another night I'm thinking maybe you could be the one
next night I start drinking cause making choices ain't no fun
I just think about myself all day long
and all of the things that a man could get wrong
and when it comes to disappointment you can count on me
been practicing for years, persistence is the key
expect rationality you're expecting to lose
since human isn't working its a savage I choose

Cause I'm an animal
I'm uncontrollable
yes I'm an animal
no fucking goals at all
I'm an animal
I only know survive
yes I'm an animal
in wilderness I thrive

Put me in a cage and I'll claw my way out
can't understand my reasons, don't know what I'm about
pin me in a corner I'll recoil and wait
if you thought that you could change me
I'm afraid its too late
Track Name: Society Needs Me
All that you see
is a product of society
and all that I feel
is the hatred its instilled in me
I'm caught in a system
that doesn't want me
I'm caught in a system
from which I cannot be free

I don't need society
society needs ME
I abhor society
I just wanna be free

Disgusting fucking living
disgusting fucking lives
no reason for forgiveness
no reason for respite
I'm smothering in filth
my pores absorb the rot
disgusting fucking humans
my blood is boiling hot
Track Name: Ghost Walk
What I might see downtown?
there's no tellin
I might recall the old mall
might meet McClellan
I can see the library
but I can't go in
I could go watch the football team
but they never win
I could walk around the arch
but I don't know why
yeah I'm just walkin around downtown
with another guy

Just walkin around downtown
Track Name: 'I'm Really Good at Killing People'
Scorched earth
can't cope
sick future
short rope

The whites are running scared
while the blacks are sick on 'hope'
too worked to choose a side
so the poor survive on dope
the NSA has got your number
B.O. has got his drones
he's bombing overseas
while they're tapping all your phones

We're living in the greyest age
a neutered society devoid of rage
a private prison for profit
with endless cops to supply it
everyone wants more, more, more
without caring how or what for
total suppression of the radical
opposition isn't rational

I want out

Opt out
your right
its your fight
peaceful protest
its no use
a short rope
a tight noose

'I'm really good at killing people'
Track Name: Wild Oats
I've got this lust that I can't control
I want your body, your mind, your soul
must satiate this primal need
a need to drink, a need to feed
it's something sick inside of me
and urge from which I can't be free
ancestral nature of the beast
a need to breed, a need to feast

And I don't want it
the sick desires of men
I can't control it
this feral prison I live within
Track Name: No Touching!
I'm a leper
yes I'm a walking disease
I'm so clever
cause I just do what I please
so stay away
don't wanna get what I got
it's too late
for me to prevent the rot
I never knew it
no one could prove it
don't wanna touch me

Don't wanna touch me
but feel free to judge me
just trust me
you don't wanna touch me